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Discovering Arizona: Lake Powell Complete Guide For Summer 2023

Arizona Lake Powell

Looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation experience? Fun doesn’t have to cost a thing. Lake Powell, located on the border of Arizona and Utah, is a beautiful destination for those seeking outdoor adventures. This man-made reservoir offers wide range of activities for visitors of all ages. The best part? Many of these activities are completely free!

To get you started, here’s our top picks for entirely free things to do around the city.



1. Hiking

Hiking is a popular activity at Lake Powell, as the area offers a variety of scenic trails with stunning views of the lake and surrounding red rock formations. There are several trails to choose from in The Lake Powell area, offering a range of hiking experiences from easy walks to challenging hikes. Here are some popular trails to explore:

Wahweap Hoodoos Trail: This is a 2.9-mile round trip hike that takes you through a maze of towering rock formations. Going to the Hite Overlook is an experience that you should not miss out on before leaving Lake Powell.

Rim View Trail: This 3.2-mile trail is a moderate hike that offers a stunning view of Lake Powell and the surrounding red rock formations. The trailhead is located near the Glen Canyon Dam and is a great option for hikers who want a more challenging hike.

Hanging Garden Trail: This 1.5-mile is an easy hike that winds through a scenic canyon with towering walls featuring lush vegetation and a natural spring. The trailhead is located near Wahweap Marina and is suitable for all ages and skill levels.



Reflection Canyon

The Reflection Canyon is a popular hiking trail in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area near Lake Powell. This trail is known for its stunning views of Reflection Canyon, which is often compared to the famous Antelope Canyon. It is located near Kanab, Utah, and it features a hiking trail system that measures 24.5 kilometers.

The most incredible time to visit the Reflection Canyon will be between March and November, as there are a variety of outdoor activities available to visitors in addition to hiking in the area. You can go with your dog and enjoy the hike together.

Given the variety of attractions and views available in the Reflection Canyon, your trekking adventure will undoubtedly be one to remember!


Water Activities

2. Water Activities and Swimming

With crystal-clear water and sandy beaches, Lake Powell is perfect for swimming. Here are some of the beaches that offers unique charm and activities:

Lone Rock Beach: This is located on the Arizona side of the lake. This beach is popular with families and offers stunning views of the surrounding red rock formations.

Wahweap Beach: This beach is located at the Wahweap Marina and features a long sandy shore and calm waters perfect for swimming and relaxing. The beach also has several picnic areas, BBQ grills and restrooms.


Lake Powell offers a variety of free water activities that visitors can enjoy without spending a lot of money. Here are some of the free water activities to enjoy:Kayaking and Canoeing: Visitors can bring their own kayaks or canoes and explore the lake’s calm coves and hidden beaches. There are also plenty of rental options available for those who don’t have their own equipment.

Fishing: It is a popular activity at Lake Powell due to its various fish population and scenic location. Lake Powell is home to several species of fish, including bass, catfish, walleye and more. Some of the best fishing spots in Lake Powell include Colorado River inflow, Warm Creek Bay and the San Juan River Arm.

These are just a few of the free water activities available at Lake Powell. Visitors can enjoy the crystal-clear water and stunning scenery while participating in a range of activities.



3. Houseboat

One of the most popular ways to explore Lake Powell is by houseboat. There are no free houseboats available for use at Lake Powell however there are many affordable options available for those on a budget. Many houseboat rental companies offer specials and discounts, especially during off-season. Here are some of the popular houseboat rental companies at Lake Powell that often offer discounts and promotions:

Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas: This rental company offers discounts on houseboat rental for groups of ten more, as well as early booking specials and off-season rates.

Antelope Point Marina: This marina offers a discount on houseboat rentals for veterans and active military personnel, as well as discounts for off-season rentals and extended stays.

It’s always a good idea to compare prices and availability from different rental companies to find the best deal on a household rental at Lake Powell.



4. Picknicking

With its beautiful scenery and numerous picnic areas, the lake is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

The Lone Rock Beach Picnic Area is a popular option as it offers stunning views of the lake and surrounding landscape, making them the perfect spot for a relaxing picnic. The experience will be even more great when you find a spot on the shore at sunset to watch the sun go down and enjoy the stunning colors reflected on the water.

At night, the skies above the lake come alive with a dazzling display of stars. Grab a blanket and head to a comfortable stargazing spot around the Lone Rock Beach Stargazing Area. Here, you can marvel at the Milky Way and other celestial wonders.

The place has the most beautiful sky!


big horn

5. Wildlife Viewing

Lake Powell is a haven for wildlife including bighorn sheep, coyotes, and a variety of birds. Take a leisurely walk around the lake and keep your eyes peeled for these animals.

You can also head to the nearby Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, where you’ll find even more wildlife and stunning natural scenery. It is important to remember that these animals are wild and should be observed from a safe distance.

Wildlife viewing in Lake Powell can be a rewarding and memorable experience for those who take the time to observe and appreciate the natural world around them.


carl hayden

6. Carl Hayden Visitor Center

The Carl Hayden Visitor Center is a popular destination for visitors to Lake Powell. There’s a lot of things to do and learn in the Carl Hayden Visitor Center. The visitor center is situated on the Glen Canyon Dam, which is a marvel of modern engineering.

Admission is free and the Center features a variety of exhibits and displays about the history, geology and ecology. You can learn about the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam, The Colorado River and the unique wildlife that calls his region home.

Visiting the Carl Hayden Visitor Center is a great way to start your exploration of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.


resto food


Lake Powell is surrounded by a variety of restaurants offering a range of cuisines for visitors to enjoy. There are many affordable options to choose from, ranging from casual to upscale restaurant. Here are some of the best restaurants near Lake Powell:

Lake Powell Resort Dining Room:Located in Lake Powell Resort and Marina, the dining room offers upscale American cuisine with stunning views of the lake.

Canyon King Pizzeria: Located in Page, Arizona, Canyon King Pizzeria serves delicious New York-style pizza, sandwiches, salads and more.

Big John’s Texas BBQ: This casual BBQ joint in Page serves up delicious smoked meats, sandwiches, and sides.

For those on a budget, there are also many picnic areas around the lake where visitors can enjoy a meal while taking in the scenery. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a romantic dinner with a view, there’s something for everyone.

Lake Powell is a beautiful and affordable destination for those seeking outdoor adventures. With so many free activities to do, visitors can explore the lake and surrounding area without breaking the bank. From hiking and exploring the surrounding natural beauty to stargazing and watching wildlife, there are plenty of options to choose from.

So pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to experience the beauty and wonder of Lake Powell!

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